Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

We make each attempt to satisfy all of the orders positioned. However, please be aware that there can be sure orders that 1st Home is not able to process; and reserve the rights to cancel or reject the acceptance of such order and choice of 1st Home on this recognize will be very last and binding at the purchaser. The reason may be stock out or not in delivery condition, inaccuracies or mistakes in product, pricing and inventory statistics, troubles recognized with the aid of using our credit score, fraud avoidance branch or because of sure unexpected motives. Our Customer Care Team will talk to you if any or all part of your order is canceled. If your order is canceled after your amount has been charged, the stated amount will be reversed to your bank account or card.

Types of Cancellations

Cancellation by customer

If you change your mind after placing the order, you can cancel the order(or part of the order) within 24 hours of the order confirmation, customized order cannot be cancelled as that will be exclusive order for you.

We are devoted to making sure your satisfaction with any product you’ve got ordered from us. If the product was not received in good condition, we may repair/replace the part/component/product under warranty terms, product cannot be refunded/cancelled unless it has non repairable manufacturing defects.

Deal products are highly discounted and such orders will not be considered in 24 hours cancellation policy

Cancellation on Non-Receipt of Payment

 In case in which the payment will be made via CHEQUE/FINANCE/EMI, the delivery of the product will be initiated best upon the belief of the cheque clearance from finance/agent. In case of the cheque bounces, the Order can be Cancelled by 1st Home.

Cancellation by 1st Home

In the occasion that a product is indexed at an wrong price or with wrong information because of a system mistakes product information/Pricing, 1st Home shall have the proper, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders positioned for that product.

 1st Home reserves the right to cancel any order with due intimation to the concerned person, under conditions in which 1st Home isn’t capable of meet the requirement of the order positioned.

In case that a product is ordered isn’t serviceable to clients location (pin code) and an order receives positioned because of machine mistakes, 1st Home shall have the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders positioned for that product.


If the payment was by Credit Card or Net-Banking, we will refund in the same Credit Card or Net-Banking account. If the mode of payment was Cheque, we shall send you a Cheque of the refund amount Cheque shall only be sent to the billing address of the customer making the payment.

Typically refunds are processed in less than 10 working days. In case of payments by Cheque; it may take more time for the Cheque to be delivered to your billing address, and for the funds to be credited to your account after you deposit the Cheque.

Please note that we shall not be responsible for any delays in credit to the Cardholder’s credit card account as that is managed by the Cardholder’s issuing bank. In case of any delay, it shall be up to to the customer to take it up with their respective credit card bank with the reference of 1st Home refund process reference.

Email us at or call our contact center at 7204377723 from 10am-7pm for any assistance.


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