Vertical Garden Wall of Artificial Boxwood Green


  • Material: Plastic
  • Colours: Green
  • Package Content: 2 Eucalyptus Boxwood Tiles of size 16″ x 24″ i.e. 2.66 square feet
  • Size of each tile : 40 cm x 60 cm/16″ x 24″


  • Each tile covers an area of 2.66 square feet. To figure out how many tiles you’ll need for your wall, multiply the length and breadth by 2.5, as overlapping will result in somewhat more than the exact dimensions (refer to image number 2)
    With a cable tie or wire, the tiles can be interlocked and fastened together (represented in the third and fourth images)
    Naturalistic appearance, similar to actual plants, and ease of application, removal, and reuse without damage or residue.
    For both indoor and outdoor use: Perfect for adding seclusion to an outdoor patio area, and aesthetically enhancing your area with a realistic look to beautify and alter your fence, walls, patio, garden, yard, walkways, backdrop, interior and exterior, or your own creative design for party, wedding, and Christmas decorations.
    A wire mesh/pigeon net and a frame on which you can attach it may be required. You can hire a carpenter to assist you, or you can do it yourself.
    It only requires minor maintenance, such as a light cleaning with a moist cloth every now and then.

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Dimensions 40 × 60 cm

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